4 Ways Our Pickering Venue Offers a Unique Experience

4 Ways Our Pickering Venue Offers a Unique Experience

WineXpert Pickering is a full-service wine-making facility in Ontario, using only the very best grape juices from around the world. We offer customers the ability to book a private event to wine taste and celebrate special occasions. In this blog, we will discuss four ways our Pickering venue offers a unique experience for guests. To enjoy the creative process of creating a unique bottle of wine, contact us today.

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Intimate Viticultural Experience

Booking a private event with WineXpert Pickering means you’re treated to an intimate viticultural experience. Your group will have the opportunity to taste newly made wine during your very own bottling process with us! You'll get to witness firsthand the artistry behind wine-making and develop deeper connections with your guests over a glass of wine.

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Custom Wine Blending

Our knowledgeable wine experts will guide you through the process of creating your own custom blend of wine. This is a unique experience to use your creativity and experiment with different flavors to personalize your wine bottle. The Pickering winemaking team will share their expertise and educate you on the history and techniques used during winemaking. Have an enjoyable and informative experience when you book a private event!

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Perfect for Special Occasions

We love being a part of your special occasions to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, and even corporate events. Our wine-making store has tailored each private event to meet your specific preferences and create unforgettable memories. The intimate setting, combined with the excitement of crafting your own wine, sets the stage for a truly remarkable celebration.

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Knowledgeable Staff and Unique Atmosphere

WineXpert Pickering offers a venue filled with knowledgeable staff and a charming atmosphere for any private event. The friendships and fun that come with sharing a glass of wine in this unique setting elevate the experience to be one-of-a-kind. See how we can enhance your private event today!

At WineXpert Pickering, we are committed to providing guests with a unique experience filled with conversation, wine tasting, and a warm atmosphere. If you are interested in scheduling your next event at our wine-making store in Ontario, contact us today!

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