Dad is like a very, very fine vintage wine!


Like a fine bottle of wine our Fathers can sometimes be …

  • seemingly unapproachable but when you finally do it is well worth it.
  • needing time to mature but it is often ourselves that are not mature enough to appreciate.
  • held in such high esteem that we are afraid to open them up and once we do it is not only the enjoyment experienced but the wonderful memories made that will never leave us.
  • from this fine vintage you can learn more than you ever thought you could.

My son Jack approaching his first vintage Pickerel caught with Dad.

“Any man can be a Father as any grape can make a wine… but it takes a special person to be a Dad.”

Cheers & Happy fathers Day Dad!

Gift Ideas for Dad:

Eisch Breathable Glasses

The ultimate wine glass. Just pour your wine into the glass and it is equivalent to decanting for an hour or two in just minutes.

In addition to wine, Breathable Glasses can also lead to improvements with spirits, fruit juices, and mineral water.

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Message in a Bottle

Our message in a bottle is the ultimate way to give your dad a gift certificate this Father’s Day. Complete with a custom wine label and message, this is a gift dad will really appreciate.

Any denomination available.

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Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Just in time for summer, these shatterproof wine glasses are ideal around the pool or hot tub. Now you can enjoy your favorite wine while camping or cottaging without worrying about breaking your glass.

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