Eisch ”Breathable Glasses”



Yes, they really can enhance wine in just minutes!

Questions and Answers on Breathable Glass

Is the decanting carafe a thing of the past now?


Enjoying wine means much more than only drinking – enjoying wine involves social-cultural demands. It is the pleasant hours of the day that are accompanied by a glass of wine: Hours of relaxation, of “slowing down”, of cooking or having dinner together with friends – all this takes place without any need to hurry, and everyone has all the time to decant the wine in the crystal carafe – it is already the preparation of the wine that is celebrated here.

Of course it has no negative effect at all if an already perfectly prepared wine is drunk from a Breathable Glass.

And – last but not least – a crystal decanter meets aesthetic demands: It definitely makes the table more beautiful, and this alone is why it is preferable to the simple wine bottle. For all people today suffering from a lack of time, this is another possibility: Open the wine bottle – immediately serve the wine in a decanting carafe – and optimally enjoy the wine in a Breathable Glass. This will satisfy both the aesthete and the wine connoisseur!

Does the BREATHABLE GLASS only improve wine, or also other drinks?

With the Breathable Glass a distinct improvement can be achieved with most wines, but it depends on each individual case how strong this improving effect will be. Decanting also does not lead to an improvement in every case! The Breathable Glass, however, will not turn a bad wine into a good one! On the contrary, care must be taken with a bad wine, because the Breathable Glass is incorruptible! Any possibly existing flaws such as a slight taste of cork will be mercilessly punished by the Breathable Glass, because it will also intensify these aromas.

In addition to wine, Breathable Glasses can also lead to improvements with spirits, fruit juices, and mineral water.

Does Breathable Glass change the chemistry of wine?

There is no change at all in the wine, for example ionization or a change of the pH-value. Only the natural decanting process is accelerated.

The properties of BREATHABLE GLASS

Many wines need to be in contact with atmospheric oxygen in order to optimally develop their bouquet and aromas, which is why the wine usually is opened 1-2 hours before drinking, and is decanted in a special carafe. Many a time, however, these 1-2 hours are not available, because who does always know whether he wants to drink a glass of wine in 2 hours, and if so, which one? In a restaurant, the ordered wine has to be served within only a few minutes, and also at home the small glass of wine cannot necessarily be planned hours in advance.

This is exactly where the Breathable Glass comes into play; you only need 2 to 4 minutes in a Breathable Glass to develop the bouquet and aromas of the wine. Time-consuming decanting is no longer necessary, in a Breathable Glass the wine reaches its optimum shortly after it is poured. The Breathable Glass has a completely natural effect – it simply accelerates the reaction of the wine with the atmospheric oxygen that takes place anyway. The original character of the wine and its structure are maintained, while the wine opens up and gains taste and volume.


“I was of course skeptical at first of claims that they softened wines and enhanced their characteristics within just a few minutes.

But I found that they actually do. I tried nearly 30 different wine types in the three glass models you let me borrow. I found that in almost every case, the wines—whether red or white or rose, or light or full—tasted better in the “breathable” glasses within a couple of minutes than the good stemware I have available to me from well known, prestigious stemware suppliers.

I was especially impressed with how well the glasses truly enhanced lighter white wines (unoaked whites, such as Riesling and Italian whites) and lighter reds, notably Pinot Noir. Remarkable!

Congratulations on a real contribution to the enjoyment of wine.”


Ronn R. Wiegand

Master of Wine & Master Sommelier


Glassware Does Make a Difference

By Dan Berger

Excerpts from the Press Democrat, Sunday November 19, 2006

The right shape gives a wine room to breathe, enhancing aroma

”Now a new company has entered the playing field with a handsome line of stemware that does Riedel two better: Not only are the glasses sturdier and at least as attractive as the Riedels, but they also have a patented “breathable” feature that seems to help young wines display their aroma better.

”The German company making this new line of breathable glassware is called Eisch. The Eisch breathable glasses are about two-thirds the price of comparable Riedels and appear far stronger and less breakable. And they are designed in very attractive shapes. Included in the line are some eye-catching decanters.”

3 February 2006

“I very much enjoyed the opportunity to perform sensory comparison of the two glass types in a controlled setting along with Dan Berger and Ron Wiegand.

The tasting left me convinced that Breathable Glass can have an almost immediate sensory impact across several wine types and glass shapes.

In broad terms, aromas and flavors of wines poured to the Breathable Glass were more integrated and harmonious than those of wines poured to traditional glasses. For example, a somewhat out of balance Chardonnay exhibiting excessive oak in the traditional glass was rounder and the oak less obtrusive in the Breathable Glass. In the tasting truly defective wines were not “cured”, but sound wines were enhanced.

While neither ETS Laboratories nor I myself have ever endorsed products, (and I am not doing so now), I have to tell you I am impressed!”

Best Regards,

Gordon Burns

President & Technical Director