How the LCBO measures sweetness!


Here is a simple explanation of the new sweetness codes for the LCBO.

The “old” system of relaying sugar content in wine by the LCBO was very simple.

The chart above shows on the right the ‘residual’ sugar in grams per LITRE.

‘0’ meant dry.

‘1’ meant less dry

‘2’ meant ‘off-dry’

‘3’ meant sweeter…. and so on.

The new system is a little simpler in my opinion.

As shown in the chart above it has been narrowed down to 5 categories.

The next chart below gives the actual residual sugar content per LITRE with a comparison to the old system on the right.

The intention is not only to simplify but to give an actual estimated sugar content for those that must watch their sugar intake, in particular diabetics.

I hope this helps.Cheers!