New Series – Did You know?


World's Largest Bottle of Wine

The world’s BIGGEST BOTTLE of wine holds almost 1,850 Litres and is completely filled with Ice wine. Made by Wang Chen Wines in Northern China, this bottle stands 15 feet high and takes two people just to wrap their arms around it. That’s a lot of Ice wine to consume. I’ll stick with my 375ml bottles thank you.I could be wrong, but I think the man on the right is trying to put a straw in the bottle.

On the other hand…

World's Smallet Bottle

The world’s smallest bottle of wine holds only .75ml or .03 ounces of wine and actually have a cork and label. They stand about 1-1/2 inches high and sell for between 20 and 90 USD each. I guess with these bottles you could consume two or three of them and still be able to drive without blowing over the limit. ( Legal Part: We do not condone drinking and driving).

Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

The most Expensive bottle of wine ever sold at auction went for $232,692 in 2010 at Sotheby’s. That’s about $29,000 a glass or $2,000 a sip. The wealthy recipient actually bought three of these 1869 Chateaux Lafite Rothchilds. I assume these will not be opened at the next family picnic this summer. Sure makes what we do at Winexpert seem rather practical and cost effective doesn’t it?