S.K.I. with a twist of WINE!


Spend Kids Inheritance!

T’is my favourite acronym since I became a parent 23 years ago. If your children are older like mine, then it is now Mom and Dad’s time. So take that trip you always wanted to go on, buy that humongous flat screen television you’ve had your eye on, or purchase a bottle of wine that costs over a $100 simply because you have never spent that much money before on a single bottle. If anyone asks you what you are up to, just tell them you’re SKI-ing.

Here is my TOP 5 WINE related ‘S.K.I.’ list.

It also doubles as my ‘Wine Bucket list’.

#1.Take a European Riverboat Cruise instead of the usual ‘been there…done that’ Caribbean cruise and buying trinkets when the massive liner hits its only port. Venture down the Rhine, Mosel, Danube, Seine or the Rhone. Just select the river by your country of choice. My pick is the Rhone since it is one of my favourite wine producing regions in France.

The boats are smaller and more intimate as well, in addition to the lower ratio of staff to guests which allows for great service. Also, when you cruise, you actually see stuff. The scenery, the towns and the landscapes of Europe are absolutely outstanding. When the boat moors there is always a café close by to sit and enjoy a wonderful local wine and ‘people watch’. And nobody is peddling straw hats. Also, the boats often sail at night, so there is always an opportunity to book a wine tour during the day and enjoy your evenings. This trip isn’t cheap, but who cares, we’re SKI-ing!

#2. Buy that humongous flat screen television you’ve had your eye on and watch the movie, ‘Bottle Shock’ while sipping on a Chateau Montelena Chardonnay from California. Preferably a 1976 which took first place over the French wines in a blind taste test that year, putting California wines on the map (as depicted in the movie). It would be like watching Dom Perignon making Champagne, while enjoying a glass of his famous bubbly. The bottle of Chateau Montelena will cost a lot more than the television if you can find one, so just buy a Chardonnay from California. But spend the money and purchase a really good and expensive bottle to enjoy. Remember, we’re SKI-ing . I also recommend the movie ‘Sideways’ but purchase a Clos de Vougeot Pinot Noir for this one.

#3. If you ski (no pun intended)…ski the Austrian Alps. After a great day on the slopes and being completely in awe of the sheer beauty of the spectacular views from these majestic mountains, enjoy a glass or two of Glühwein. The trip may cost a pretty penny but the glühwein will not. A “hot wine” after gliding down these enormous mountains, either on your skis or on your bottom, will warm you to the core. While you are relaxing and ingesting the view, you just might say to yourself… “Self; it was worth it, for I may never be here again”.

#4. Take a wine tour by train in the Napa Valley. This is a wonderful way to visit some great Californian wines and experience this unique and timeless mode of travel. In fact, it’s a great way to enjoy all those wine tastings without having to worry about driving… unless you know how to operate a locomotive. Napa Valley, in fact, only yields about 5% of all Californian wine and is considered to be amongst some of the best in North America. There are over one thousand wineries in the state including Chateau Montelena and Robert Mondavi Winery. Spend the money and enjoy SKI-ing.

#5. Purchase a bottle of wine that costs $100 or more. But do not enjoy it right away. Let the wine relax for a couple of months or more then uncork it (I bet it will be natural cork by the way) on a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or whenever you darn well please. Perhaps open it with your adult children, so you can say that they just had a ‘sip of their inheritance’. Isn’t SKI-ing fun?!

Life is way too short… so start your own S.K.I. list today!

Cheers & keep SKI-ing!

Image Credits:

European Riverboat Cruise: Viking River Cruises

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Napa Valley Wine Train: Sienar