The 4th Sense of Enjoying Wine


I must admit, I love the sound of a wine bottle opening!

The world of wine is very subjective therefore it is not always cut and dried, black or white or even right versus wrong. It is often based on one’s opinion or (as it should be) preference. This is also true when it comes to wine bottle closures which has been a hot topic for years. It’s all about what you like and this may be a small part of enjoying wine, but life is way too short to not enjoy the little things. Label me hedonistic!

So what wine bottle closure do you prefer?

My pick is an all natural (or agglomerated) cork, over the alternative synthetic cork or screw cap. However I prefer the sound of a synthetic cork over screw top.



For starters, the ‘POP’ at the end of a day sets the mood so much better than the sound of ‘tearing metal’ (not a pleasant sound in my books). Wine is all about the ambiance, company, food and the general overall feeling you get by enjoying the simple things in life. Familiar sounds you hear in any situation are just as important as your other senses; an intangible subconscious event that many overlook.

It's music to my ears!

The ‘POP’ and your senses… Have you ever had a great feeling overcome you while in the car, simply because a great old tune came on the radio which you haven’t heard in a while? Of course! That’s because our minds and bodies associate feelings of joy, pleasure and excitement to our situations based on senses like sight, smell, taste… and sound! So if we can heighten the feelings of joy and pleasure and satisfaction of wine by sight, smell and taste, then why not incorporate our fourth sense. What about pleasing the other two things on the side of our heads, our ears! They are more than just protrusions used to hold up our hats and eye glasses.

Assuming you have been opening wine bottles sealed by corks for a while, your ears will actually pick up the familiar ‘POP’ sound when opening a new bottle, which can bring back the feelings and emotions of a fond memory. Just like when an old tune comes on the radio and you simply feel content about everything… and all in the world is good just at that moment.

Enjoying the small pleasures that life has to offer…

So once again, it’s all about the sound which is an overlooked or ignored sense of the body and subconscious mind. Next time you open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine on New Years Eve ask yourself… do I really find that sound repulsive or FANTASTICALLY EXCITING? And have you ever opened a bottle of Champagne, heard the ‘POP’ and thought… this is going to be an awful night? I never have!

It’s all about the little things… POP!


Image Credit (Header image): trever loken