Tip of the Month: Fastest way to chill down your wines.


The Fastest way to chill down your wines or anything really (ie. Ice packs for injuries), especially in the lovely but hot summer is to put your wine bottle in a mixture of ICE & WATER (and in an ‘Ice Bag’ of course).

It’s faster than just using a bucket of ice, the freezer or even the fridge because of the water. Water with ice covers an entire surface and in the case of the bottle, the entire bottle is in contact with the ice water. It will literally chill in 5 minutes.

The “ICE BAG”- The modern alternative to an Ice bucket!

  • Made from durable recyclable PVC plastic, The “Ice Bag” is water tight, lightweight, flexible and folds flat for easy storage.
  • Original, trendy and suitable for every occasion.
  • Chills faster than a traditional ice bucket.
  • Easy to use and carry: bring it everywhere with your wine.

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