Tip of the month: I’d rather have a tray of wine than coffee, thank you!


Here’s a great idea you can try.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good “Cup of Joe” as much as the next guy. However, thanks to my friends Trinda and Kevin, I now have a new use for those wonderful recycled 4 cup coffee trays you get from your local java shop. So SAVE your coffee trays!!

Next time you’re invited to a friends place for a Friday or Saturday night get together and you’re in charge of bringing the vino; use the recycled coffee tray to carry your wine bottles.

The 750ml bottles actually FIT PERFECTLY in the tray and if you’re like me, put one bottle in each space as it holds 4. It’s not that I intend to enjoy all four bottles in one sitting with my friends ( however, it has been done before); BUT, they balance out much better in the tray for carrying. That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it!

It’s also worth the looks and reactions on the faces of my hosts when I arrive with a coffee tray filled with wine. And believe me, on a Saturday night, the wine is much more welcomed than a coffee. Yes, I’d rather have ‘tray of wines’ over a ‘tray of coffees’ anytime.

Have a little fun with it and enjoy.


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