How long can I keep my Winexpert Wines?


Below is a simplified ageing chart that will provide a guideline for cellaring your wines. Please keep in mind there are many variables that will affect your wines once racked. Temperature, fluctuations in temperature, relative humidity, and wine type to name a few. For example, the difference in temperature from the floor to the ceiling in the same room can be as high as 5 degrees. Follow the basics (see my wine storage category) and you will be fine. And most importantly…keep your bottles clean!

Approximate Ageing Potential for Winexpert Wines

Most wines will improve with age when stored and kept under the right conditions. The first 3 months of ageing are the most dramatic for the wine due to the bottle shock coming off and the wine calming down. Below you will find the Ageing guideline for your wine type.


* Potential ageing is an approximation. There are many variables that can affect ageing times such as cellar temperature. Ideally you should store your wines in a controlled climate of 55˚-65˚F and no temperature fluctuations will keep your wine longer.

The 3 Phases of Wine

Phase 1: Improving until it is at its peak, this phase allows the wine to develop a bouquet and show its true varietal characteristics.

Phase 2: Holding at its peak, in this phase the wine will not improve anymore.

Phase 3: Past its peak and on its way down, the wine will slowly lose fruitiness and structure, which can lead to oxidization if it is left too long past the peak.