Tip of the Month: Embracing Eco-Friendly Wine Practices

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As April blooms and Earth Day approaches, it's an ideal time to talk about bringing sustainability into our love for wine.

Sustainable wine-sipping starts with how we store our wines. Keep your wine cellar consistently cool at around 55°F to preserve flavors and promote energy efficiency.

When it comes to lighting, consider switching to LED bulbs. They’re cooler and consume less power, perfect for an eco-conscious cellar.

But what about the wine bottles themselves?

Every bottle and cork in your collection embodies a legacy of luxury and craftsmanship.

Rather than discarding these symbols of fine wine, consider reusing your exquisite wine bottles for the next batch of premier wine.

This April, let’s raise our glasses to more than just good wine. Let’s celebrate sustainable choices that contribute to our planet's well-being.

Here's to eco-friendly wine storage, recycling with purpose, and supporting green vineyards.

Here’s to a greener, more sustainable wine experience this month and beyond!