Tip Of The Month: Tucking away your wine from the cold winter

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Tucking away your wine from the cold winter.

While you’re thinking about escaping to somewhere warm and toasty this winter, don’t forget about your wine buddies huddled back at home.

They need some cozying up too! There are 3 things to watch out for to make sure your wine stays savory when you come back.

Firstly, focus on temperature control. Your wine should be resting in a zone where the temperature stays consistently between 7°c to 18°C. This range is optimal for both your reds and whites, providing a stable environment that prevents damage.

Secondly, In the dry winter months, maintaining the right humidity level in your wine storage area is key. Aim for a humidity range of 50-70%. This level keeps corks from drying out and cracking, which can lead to air getting in and spoiling the wine. A simple solution like a bowl of water in the storage area or a humidifier can help maintain this balance.

Lastly, light, especially UV rays, vibrations, and strange smells are like the party crashers of the wine world, they degrade and prematurely age wine. So keep them out! Store your bottles in a dark place, away from direct light and vibrations sources like your dishwashers.

Enjoy your vacation!