When the Shiraz hits the fan! How to remove red wine stains.


With the cooler weather, the party is now moving inside. With that comes the risk of spilling red wine on your lovely living room carpet. Here is a simple solution to removing those red wine stains that if left to dry can make your floor covering look somewhat like a murder scene.

I know through experience that this method works for I was fearful of dying by my wife’s hand when I spilled an entire glass of Shiraz on our light grey carpet in our first home. She knew just what to do and saved my life.


Pour soda water on the entire stain but DO NOT stomp, stand or pound it into the carpet. Then pour salt on the soda water and again DO NOT press it into the carpet. Be very generous with the salt and completely cover every bit of the stain. Simply let it stand (you might want to surround it with police tape so no one steps on it) and then vacuum it up once it is completely dry. It will look like pink piles of salt.

It is so simple…even I can do it!