Top 5 Wedding Nightmares and why you should make your own Wedding Wines!


If you know of someone getting married, you should read this. We at Winexpert Pickering are the ‘Wedding Wine Experts’.

Our wedding wine packages will be the easiest and least stressful part of any wedding. Everything is included. No surprises. We will assist in the selection, menu matching and even print the customized labels on site while you bottle. All you have to do is make an initial consultation with us then show up at your appointment to bottle your wine …and enjoy. It is that easy.

TOP 5 Wedding Nightmares and why you should make you own personalized Wedding Wine:

1. Nightmare: The florist arrives and the floral arrangements are not what you ordered…and the wrong colour. Ouch!

Winexpert: Our wines are always the wine you ordered, and it goes without saying, the right colour!

2. Nightmare: Everything and everyone is running late. From the limo driver to the Pastor.

Winexpert: You will have your wedding wine there, ready, and tested (probably a few times) before your wedding day arrives.

3. Nightmare: Your invitations not only have a typo, but some of them didn’t arrive at their destination or were not RSVP’d. Is that a word…really?

Winexpert: Your customized labels are printed on-site and proofed while you bottle your wine. And, every bottle makes it to the table.

4. Nightmare: The photographer is a no show. And Uncle Joe has to take pictures on his disposable camera.

Winexpert: You have your wine, you bring your wine and you all enjoy your wine. You can’t take a picture with the bottle but the memory is also good.

5. Nightmare: You run yourself ragged trying to figure out what to give as a keepsake to celebrate your special day.

Winexpert: Your customized wine and label is a great keepsake to remember your special day. Mints, candles and matches have all been done and actually cost more. I still have matches in the pockets of suits I haven’t worn for a while. I’d rather have the bottle of wine any day.