Up The Creek Wings


This is a simple and easy way to feed the hoard’s when they descend upon your house for the start of the backyard and cottage season.This recipe is great as most of the work is done the night before so all you have to do is fire up the BBQ and pour yourself a a glass of wine or Forty Creek Whiskey.

2 pounds of chicken wings or bone in, skin on chicken thighs

½ cup of Forty Creek Whisky

Rub: (it is a lot of rub but it can be kept in your pantry for the next batch) Double or Triple the recipe if you are throwing a big party.

¼ cup of ground black pepper

¼ cup paprika

¼ brown sugar (or Turbinado sugar also known as “sugar in the raw”)

2 tbsp of salt

2 tbsp of dry mustard

1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper ( add more if you want to heat the wings up)

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of ginger powder

Forty Creek BBQ sauce (recipe available on our web site courtesy of Team Cedar Grilling)

The night before your guests arrive prepare the rub/marinade using the above ingredients. If you want to spice up your wings just add more cayenne pepper or even tobasco sauce.

Take a large zip lock bag and add the chicken wings. If you are using wings don’t forget to separate the wing tip from the drum stick if they come as one large piece. Use a sharp knife and cut through the cartilage.

Add ¼ to ½ cup of the rub to the zip lock and give the bag a good shake coating all of the pieces. If you like your chicken with lots of flavour don’t be shy and dump all of the rub in.

Next add your ½ cup of Forty Creek Whisky and give the bag another good shake

Pop your chicken into the fridge and marinate over night or for at least 6-8 hours.

Fire up the grill and pre heat to medium high. Don’t forget to coat the grilling surface with a non stick spray prior to lighting the BBQ.

When the BBQ is at the desired temperature add the wings and grill 5-6 minutes a side or until they are done. Cooking times may vary.

Add the Forty Creek BBQ sauce at the end of the grilling process and reduce the heat to low. Do not add the sauce too early as the sauce will easily burn.

Continue basting the wings on med low heat until the sauce is warmed through.

Serve and Enjoy!