Valentine’s Day! Message ‘ON’ a bottle!


Want a unique and creative touch to add to your Valentine’s Day celebration?


As I pondered as to what I should blog about for Valentines Day, my brilliant marketing and site management staff said ‘do something different or original’. By the way, I am sincere when I say that I just try to come up with ideas and they are the ones that make sense of it all. (A little plug for TREWKNOWLEDGE.COM eh!). Forgive me for I digress. Back to the point of this blog now.

Valentine’s Day! Something unique!

Let me preface with the fact that it’s mostly men that fret about this day, wondering only, ‘what the heck should I do this year’. Well, I have a novel idea that is easy, cost effective and allows us men to show our creative and thoughtful side. I am told that women like that kind of stuff, and it’s the effort that counts. Oops, did I say that out loud?

You can always limit yourself to the usual and buy her:

1. Chocolates (Wine and chocolate, been there done that last year. I even wrote a blog about it. Try it sometime, the match is quite delicious).

2. Make a heart shaped pizza.

3. Candy! Which is dandy, but liquor is… you know the rest.

4. Roses? A great go to, but after 25 years of marriage, the flowers can flounder.

5. Champagne works. See number 3.


6. The usual Valentine’s Day card. Yes, the Valentine’s Day card…


Something different – A Valentine’s Day Label!

This year, take your most romantic Valentine wish ever and put it on a label, then attach it to the bottle of wine you intend to share with your significant other. THIS IS YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY CARD, but presented in a unique fashion. It can be hand written on a sticky label and simply pasted on the front of the bottle, or over the existing wine label.

EVEN BETTER… don’t have the time to create one? We will make one for you! Stop by Winexpert Pickering with your thoughts or expression of love and we will print out for you your own custom message on one of our labels, which you can attach to your Wine Bottle.

EVEN BETTER YET… IT’S FREE! We will supply the label and should you not know what to say, we even have a few (perhaps corny) ideas for you. My favourite…

You ‘POP’ my Châteaneuf!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Set the mood: Put candles into the necks of two empty wine bottles and make a set of candelabras. Yes, I remember the wicker bottles of Chianti Ruffino from 40 years ago. What is old…is now new.

Cheers & Happy Valentine’s Day to all!