What a cool cellar!


Every once in a while I get the urge to search out new and exciting cellar designs just to see what I can’t have. This one in particular caught my eye. What a creative concept should you have the means to build it.

The Spiral cellar was first created in Europe in the late 70’s out of a necessity for wine lovers who wanted a cellar but had no basement. This was a less expensive and easier way of digging out a cellar rather than making an entire ‘downstairs ‘. It’s basically a large tube inserted into a hole cut into the ground under your house and a staircase surrounded by bottle storage units or wine racks. And it is fully ventilated and climate controlled. All the best features of a high end wine cellar in a very efficient and creative amount of space. However, it could cost you up to $30,000 depending on size and style. Definitely on my “Bucket List”.

Photos Courtesy of: Spiral Cellars