What to get Dad for Father’s Day!



A great and unique way to give Dad a Winexpert gift certificate!

My wife Pirjo’s idea really, is a Winexpert Gift Certificate rolled up like a scroll with a ribbon tied to it for easy removal and placed inside a wine bottle with a custom label including your personal message. Then topped off with your choice of a coloured shrink cap to give a professional bottled look.


So much more inviting and unique than a certificate in an envelope, the message in a bottle is a tangible gift that you can actually wrap or present however you like.

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2. Go Vino Shatterproof wine glasses.

These shatterproof wine glasses are ideal around the pool or hot tub. The are made from a tough and durable plastic that can easily go anywhere glass can’t.

Also, these are a perfect alternative when you are up at the cottage or even taking them on your camping trip. Affordable and durable, you can be rest assured that during your travels you will have the perfect glass to enjoy your favourite wine.

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Get yours for only 4 for $15! (Reg. $20)

3. The “ICE BAG”- The modern alternative to an Ice bucket!

  • Made from durable recyclable PVC plastic, The “Ice Bag” is water tight, lightweight, flexible and folds flat for easy storage.
  • Original, trendy and suitable for every occasion.
  • Chills faster than a traditional ice bucket.
  • Easy to use and carry: bring it everywhere with your wine.

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Get yours for only $5.99 each! (Reg. $7.99)

4. Eisch “Breathable” Wine glasses!

Sensisplus glasses combine experience and wealth of ideas at Eisch to a characteristic interpretation of highest wine enjoyment. Experience Sensisplus and discover the wine´s true flavor.

Sensisplus glasses are made of high-quality, lead-free crystal that allows the wine to breath simply by pouring it into the glass.

The crystal features small bead like bumps within the glass that massage the wine and allow it to breath, unlocking the full potential of your bouquet.

2 for $55 (reg. $35 each)

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