What’s New? WORLD VINEYARD 4 week wines, SKINS IN!


ONLY $140World Vineyard has some skin in the game with the introduction of three exciting new varietals, all with crushed grape skins. These wines offer the best of both worlds: enhanced body, mouth-feel, tannins with more authentic varietal character while at the same time, are ready to bottle in just 5 weeks. Newly designed contemporary bottle labels are sold separately to add that finishing touch to your wine.Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, Australia

GSM is a blend that was originally used in some wines from the Southern Rhône but has been gaining popularity in the New World wine regions. The three grapes work together to each deliver the unique components of the wine. Grenache offers up warmth and fruitiness, Shiraz contributes full-bodied black fruits, pepper and tannins while Mourvèdre contributes elegance, structure and acidity.

Tasting Notes: Crimson colour with aromas of ripe berries & subtle spice on the nose. On the palate, sweet plum & black fruit with a hint of tobacco.

Food Pairing: Enjoy this food friendly blend with hearty meat dishes, lamb or herbed pork tenderloin.

Oak: Heavy Body: Medium-Full Alcohol: 13%

Body: MEDIUM-FULL | Oak Intensity: HEAVY | Alcohol: 13%

Merlot, Washington

Merlot is the most widely grown red wine grape in the state of Washington. Merlot grapes from Washington benefit from long days with many hours of sunshine contrasted with cool nights producing wines with New World fruitiness and Old World structure.

Tasting Notes: Ruby red colour with a nose of fruit and spice. Rich silky flavors of red berries, spice and plum with a smooth finish.

Food Pairing: Pair this Merlot with roasted duck breast or beef burgundy.

Body: MEDIUM-FULL | Oak Intensity: MEDIUM | Alcohol: 13%

Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia

Cabernet Sauvignon is grown all over the world, but Australia produces some of the most distinctive. Full bodied, dense and structured, this is classic Cabernet.

Tasting Notes: Sweet and spicy on the nose, this is a fruit forward wine with flavours of cherry, raspberry and black currant finishing with rich, velvety tannins.

Food Pairing: try with a charred gruyere burger, a mushroom pizza with tomato sauce or some marinated rib eye steak.

Body: MEDIUM-FULL | Oak Intensity: MEDIUM | Alcohol: 13%