Cork bits in your wine bottle? Fill it up and flick it out!


Here is an easy way to get cork particles out of your wine bottle.

Every once in a while, we all open up a bottle of wine and we find that the cork has shaved off a little, leaving a wee bit of cork in the wine bottle. Been there done that!

Sometimes it is because we have screwed the corkscrew down too far, or the cork is simply a little dried out and ahs left its mark in the form of floating remnant. Either way, it has to be fixed because the unsightliness is just too much to bear (would I have enjoyed the bottle with the cork particles, or would I have poured the bottle out? Do you even have to ask!).

I have had the good fortune of knowing people that share their ideas with me and this solutions has proved to be a good one when you find yourself in a similar situation.

i think it is safe to say that we have all tried to shove a spoon or knife handle down the neck of a bottle, to try and gently raise the cork bit up and out of the bottle neck. Half of the anticipation is just that… Yes I can do it! However, the success of this method rarely happens.

Here’s an alternative and great idea! CORK FLOATS! It’s wood, it’s bark… and it doesn’t sink.


On that note, simply pour a little wine, or water… yes water… into the neck of the bottle and watch the cork bit float up to the top of the bottle neck. Once you reach the top, simply just flick it off the top of the neck.

The key here is that… CORK FLOATS!

Don’t waste your time trying to dig the cork out, or picking the pieces out of your glass with your fingers.

Fill the bottle up and flick the pieces out.