Wine…It’s in the Stars!


Wine…It’s in the stars!

For those of you who are like me, you appreciate the great white north we call Canada because of the wonderful change of seasons we have in this country. Our crisp yet colourful autumns and cold and snowy winters allow us to appreciate more the warmer weather as it leads to summer and the opening of our decks, patios, cottages and the greatest outdoors in the world.

It is after my busy and hectic days that that I take pleasure in sipping on my favourite vino whilst sitting on my back deck and looking upward at the stars. The clear night sky and multitude of twinkling lights against the black backdrop simply relaxes me. It is one of natures greatest shows on or off earth. In the cool fresh air during my quiet time I indulge in trying to identify some of the star constellations. The big and little “dipper” in particular.

The other night I was trying to find one of the most popular star groupings: The “big dipper”. This one can usually be identified quite easily but I can never find the “LITTLE” dipper. I mean never!

Why ruin a nice evening fresh air and wine with star gazing frustration. So it occurred to me…I’ll find my own constellation and name it myself.

I call it the ‘big’ and ‘little’ SIPPER!

Have a look. And here’s how: pick 9 stars to shape the glass (the little “sipper”) and 10 stars to form the bottle (big “sipper”). And quite frankly it can be found anywhere and in many parts of the sky. I guess it moves around a lot. The good news: I can find it anytime I gaze at the stars. Some nights I can find 2 of them. That’s usually later in the evening.

Give it a try and find the “Big” and “Little” SIPPERS! Life is way too short not to have a little fun and a glass of wine!