Winexpert Wine Glasses


At Winexpert Pickering, we offer a variety of glasses to choose from for any occasion or fine wine!Shatter proof Glasses

Finally, the perfect wine tumbler that goes places where glass does not – the patio, to the beach, picnics, around the pool and into luggage. Fine stemware breakage is a problem but not with the Govino! Also, these are a perfect alternative when you are up at the cottage or even taking them on your camping trip. Affordable and durable, you can rest assured that during your travels you will have the perfect glass to enjoy your favourite wine.

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Breathable Wine Glasses

Eisch Breathable glasses are made of high-quality, lead-free crystal that allows the wine to breath simply by pouring it into the glass. A wine poured into a Breathable glass for just 2-4 minutes will show signs of aeration equivalent to the same wine that has been decanted and aerated for 1-2 hours.

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Eisch Breathable glasses combine experience and wealth of ideas at Eisch to a characteristic interpretation of highest wine enjoyment. Experience Eisch Breathable glasses and discover the wine´s true flavor.