You can never have enough WINE STORAGE tips.


The conditions in which a bottle of wine is kept can have a huge impact on the quality of the wine when you finally come to drink it.

Temperature is the first important factor. Wine should be kept at a constant temperature between 55 and 65°F (14-18°C). Cooler temperatures make the wine age slower, which increases the complexity and character of the wine whereas wine that is stored at higher temperatures causes the aging process to accelerate, which causes it to lose out on the subtle changes that happen when it ages slowly.

Humidity levels are another important factor in wine storage. The ideal humidity level is between 50% and 80%. Higher levels can promote the growth of mold, and lower levels can cause the wine to evaporate, even in a sealed bottle. Finally, wine should be stored in a dark space. Light can cause the chemicals inside the wine to breakdown and react with one another.

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